Friday, 7 February 2014

That haunting melody began...

Westport station was always empty at this hour. The last trains of the day were past, the days litter cleaned away and the safes securely locked. All that remained was the Station Master as he checked the offices were securely locked, keys in one hand, collier pistol in the other.
Curiosity and Imagination thrived in the dark night. The emptiness was a phantom making every shadow an assailant, each noise a new threat. The hollow building gave every note of the haunting melody a greater emptiness in the depths of the Station Masters soul.
The Station Master took the hand offered by the dirty child, and began to walk towards the melody.
A rat bit into the flesh of the Station Masters leg. He smiled, and handed his pistol to the child, before sitting down amongst the swarming litter. Westport station was never empty.
The empty eyes of a man and his dog looked down as he began to be devoured.

Hello there! Through some twist of fate I have ended up with my first ever forays into blogging as part of a larger collaboration with some of the 'blogging elite' on the current Malifaux scene. This group contains some excellent hobbyists, some excellent gamers and some lucky sods who manage both. I’m not the world’s worst in either of these avenues, but hopefully you’ll be able to gain some enjoyment (if not knowledge) from my ramblings. The purpose of this blog overall will be my adventures throughout the Outcast faction in Malifaux, with occasional journeys to the other factions (as long as they pay their merc tax) and other games (bloodbowl I'm looking at you!).
For the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (#ToMB as you’ve likely seen on Twitter) I have decided to start the wonderful rat-lord himself, Hamelin. With the price restrictions and the current cost of the metal miniatures this is going to be a challenge...
Hamelin is a master that I have never played before, and have not played against in any incarnation of his second edition rules. I played against him in Malifaux 1.5, pre and post errata, and although I liked his theme, I wasn't a fan of the play-mechanics.
Now, in second edition Malifaux, his mechanics look to have shifted: He no longer has awkward hiring restrictions, can no longer endlessly loop rats and actually looks like he would have difficulty in some strategies (a nice change from his status last edition). Another reason to pick him up is that he is a good contrast Von Schill, the outcast master I've been playing recently.
I'm looking forward to this project, hopefully it will focus my hobby and let me try out a few idea's I've had for basing and painting.
Until the official start, Farewell.

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